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These resources were from websites off the Internet and also from Dr. Frye’s wordpress.

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I Poems

I really liked  reading all the different I Poems you had put up on the Powerpoint.  I really thought it was awesome that the 2nd and 4th graders got something out of doing an I  Poem.  I think that I poems are a great way to test a child’s knowledge on what they know.  I also believe that this is a great way to see a child’s creativity.  I believe that by doing these I Poems, that this gives a teacher a better understanding if the child has read whatever they were suppose to read because the poem would be describing what they read.  Now I poems can be used with fiction and non fiction.  I think it is interesting how little poems like these can have so much power.  It is such an awesome feeling seeing kids get excited to write.  I almost think that these poems are almost like writing a Who Am I, or What Am I.  I feel like these poems show content and also show creativity.  This also gets the kids to show what vocabulary they know.  It is a great way to see what structure the kids have in writing as well.  I believe after seeing how well these poems have worked with the 2nd and 4th graders, I definitely will try and use this in my class later on.  I would love to also be able to incorporate this with my IDP and maybe talk about simple machines.

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Pirate Diary 13, 22, 23, and Reflection on “Breaking Down Words..”

As I read this article I realized how important vocabulary is in reading.  Not only do you have to know how to read, but you really can’t understand what you are reading if you don’t know your vocabulary.  I think that is one of the main reasons some kids have trouble reading because they can read the words but not necessarily know what the words mean.  So when they are reading, they are reading but not comprehending which is an enormous factor in understanding and gaining knowledge.  I feel that one of the main ways I had to learn vocabulary if I was reading and didn’t know a word was through context clues.  Now for some kids, they might not understand what context clues are.  Those are helpful ways to help you understand what the word you are reading in a sentence, by context surrounding the word.  There are sometimes though that I still will not be able to figure out what the word is just by context clues.  For kids these days, vocabulary is so important because you have to know vocabulary to be successful it seems like.  I have realized after reading this article that teachers need to figure out ways to make sure kids really know their vocabulary, not only by telling them to look for context clues.  I feel that the pirate diary worksheets you asked us to do was a prime example of ways to get kids to better understand words.  Just like in the article, it basically says that you can figure out a word if you know what the prefix means and so on.  I feel that you really can figure out a word if you do know what the prefix and suffixes are.  That is another way you can figure out a vocabulary word.  If you by chance know the antonym of a word that might also help you figure out what the word might mean because you would know that the word would mean basically the opposite of that.  I feel that if teachers take the time to really try to create other ways to show how to figure out vocabulary words, then that gives children a higher chance of actually learning a word and being able to use it later on in life.  If teachers just feel like their time is too short to do that and just give simple spelling tests and don’t do enough assessing, then how is the child learning.  I feel that these ways in the reading and the examples through the pirate diary are great ways to show teachers there are other ways to get children to learn vocabulary.  Also I feel it will help teachers as a whole learn more strategies in teaching.

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Multi-text Unit Study questions and comments

Ok, so I don’t want this to sound bad but I feel like I am really going to stress over this assignment.  I feel overwhelmed and it seems like a lot to do plus all the other stuff like the IDP.  I feel like yes it is a good way to get kids engaged in reading and incorporating many other things in this but this honestly is going to stress me out.  The only question I have is are you going to help us do this?  I don’t want to freak out and I want to do good but I have been so stressed lately, it seems like I have been ill and am not usually.  I feel the reading assessment is a great thing and I believe that this multi-text unit will be effective.  I am just stressed over time.

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Readings on Pullout Article, and Internet Workshop and Blog Publishing

As I read the article on “Internet Workshop and Blog Publishing:  Meeting Student (and Teacher) Learning Needs to AChieve Best Practice in the Twenty-First-Century Social Studies Classroom”, I realized that Internet Workshops can be very effective to kids in different grade levels.  I feel that these workshops are a way to get kids to gather information on a topic and also to get them more equipped with learning how to search the Internet.  I feel that some kids don’t get to see Internet at home or have a lack in learning how to use the Internet, and I feel that this workshop is a good way to research a topic and to also figure out ways to learn things about the Internet and how it works.  Now the only thing I don’t understand is, I do see how researching a topic is suppose to be good for kids to do because it gathers more information on a topic besides just a textbook but what I don’t know is, is it always going to be a effective way to get kids to learn a topic?  I feel that Internet is interesting and can be fun to use and play around with, but is it one of the best ways to get kids to learn a topic?  I know for myself I love to do hands on things to help me learn things.  Would not only researching a topic, but maybe trying to find some kid of clip to watch on the topic another way to help kids learn a topic?  I feel like by also watching a clip on your topic might help a kid gather a understanding of their topic.  I know for myself that I need another way of seeing something to understand what I read.

For blogging, I think that blogging is just a great way to express how you feel about things.  I think that all teachers should use this.  I had never heard about blogging until this class.  I feel that for kids, this is a place for a kid to write out how they feel about a topic, also to express anything else they might like too.  It also is a good way for a teacher to see how their children are writing in school.  It gives the teacher an idea of where they are in their reading and also how they are progressing on their writing.  I think it is extremely cool how you can post pictures, clips, and audio to your posts.  I feel that that is a great way to help express a feeling or concern you are trying to explain.  I personally hate just writing out what I learn because I tend to get bored, but knowing that I can go blog and write out how I feel about what I read and address anything that concerns me makes me want to write more.  When a teacher asks to write down what you got out of a book or specific answers, I tend to get bored and not interested.  I feel that blogging is not only a way for a teacher to see if the kid is on the right page, I feel it is also a way to get across feelings and for a teacher to also understand how a child feels about their topic.  I think blogging is just very interesting and can be so much fun.

For the Pullout article, I felt like the DED was a pretty good way of getting important information across and monitoring their own comprehension of their material.  What I liked about the activity they put together for the pirate section is the Data Retrieval Chart.  I really thought that was  a good way to see what the child learned and to also find websites that can further their knowledge on what they are learning.  Also the Wanted poster I think is a GREAT idea.  I just thought that was awesome.  Kids are going to love to be about to pick their favorite pirate and make a poster out of it.  I love how it incorporated all the interesting facts of the pirate.  It let the kids express their feelings about the pirate and also became more knowledgeable on the pirate.  I feel like that would have helped me a lot in learning information on a pirate because it was a pirate I got to choose.  Also the research part of this activity, I thought was very useful and could be entertaining if there was interesting things to learn about the pirate.  I feel that having all the helpful websites can be a big help when trying to make a lesson or pick things to read about off of the internet.  I just feel like all those links are a great resource in helping figure out how to put a lesson together.  Also with the pirate activity, I feel like if the teacher could find a outfit or put together a outfit that looks like a pirate for that day, I think it would amuse kids.  Being able to dress up like a pirate is so exciting, interesting, and they are just amazed to see what a pirate really looks like.


Johnny Depth- Pirates of Carribean

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Shared Readings Article, and Article on Pirates in Historical Fiction and Non Fiction

As I started reading the article on shared readings by Fisher, I realized how important the four factors are.  in reading, when modeling. you should try to be able to address the four factors in your lesson.  What I realized was that not all teachers are able to do that or have enough time.  The four factors such as vocabulary, text structures, text features, and comprehension, are very useful in creating and modeling a unit.  I feel that modeling needs to be done all the time for kids because it helps a kid understand what they are supposed to be doing and how to do things.  The problem with that is if teachers aren’t doing their research on trying to create the best way to model their lesson then kids could get confused or could mess their understanding up with the subject.  I think modeling is a great thing to do if you know how to model something.  I also believe that the four factors have a big factor in your lessons.  Text features like the captions and things are a great thing especially when you don’t understand something and then it gives you a better understanding at the bottom of the page or wherever on the page.  I also believe that text structure is a good way to keep things organized.  I think organization is a key success to being a teacher.  I think it is very important for a teacher to be well-organized not only in the environment but also with their teaching.  With modeling a unit they should have everything organized and set up ready to go so the kids will not become lost.  Comprehension is another thing that is just something kids you hope will grasp.  Comprehension i believe comes better the more you read and try to understand what you are reading.  Vocabulary is very important I have realized as I have become older.  If you don’t know vocabulary then it is extremely hard for a teacher to get things across if you can’t even figure out what a word is.  I feel that when reading and trying to figure out a vocabulary word that the context clues are a big help.  I also loved in the article how they told us how you can figure out words by their prefixes and so on.  Like malodorous, I liked how they showed how you can figure out what the word means just by the actual word.  Now that I know that I will try to use that word more.  It is a bigger word and sounds more intelligent. I realized all together that modeling should be done in all grades.  I also realized in teaching reading, that these four factors are key to use.  The thing I have also realized is with shortening of time in classrooms that teachers are not able to get in all that they wanted to teach in the amount of time.  I realized that teachers are going to have to figure out a way to get modeling in and these factors in without going off in a different subject.  I feel like if a lesson is not done in a day it is ok, as long as you get what you need to teach across.

The next article on pirates I think showed a great way of modeling.  I liked how they tried to incorporate historical fiction and non fiction into a lesson.  I really liked how when the classroom came into class they had pirate music going and how they set up the stations.  I liked how they brought in clothing and other things to show different things on pirates.  I also liked how each station had something interesting in it to keep kids intrigued.  I feel that these hands on activities that are being done is a good way to get kids better familiarized with a reading or what actually goes on with what you are teaching.  I also feel that the pirates modeling that teacher did was a great way to get kids engaged.  Especially with older kids you have to find ways of keeping them engaged because they tend to get bored easier.  The more you keep kids going and interested, the more I feel like they are going to learn.  I liked the way they did a journal too on pirates.  I thought that was a great thing to do to see what a child knows and what they are wanting to know.  I also like how they left spots in the journal for the kid to collect information on pirates for instance, and to write down anything they learned or needed to learn.  I just felt like this way the teacher modeled this was a great way to show how they brought historical and non fiction together in a lesson.  The teacher incorporated this well, and was able to get the kids to learn a little about both.

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Integrating Instructional Level Social Studies Trade Books for Struggling Readers in Upper Elementary Grades

This article was very interesting.  I felt like as I was reading that I had encountered some of this with the Kindergartners I worked with in Block 1.  This article mainly talks about figuring out how to integrate Social Studies into upper grades for kids that might not be at the reading level as their grade is.  For example, a class could be reading a book in 5th grade but not all of the kids are at the same reading level, where some of them could be a struggling reader and actually be at the 3rd grade reading level.  I feel that for teachers, they should be very observant over these kids.  It is very important for a teacher to try and figure out where each one of their kids are in reading.  It is a way of helping figure out what kids need books that aren’t as difficult and figuring out what books to give the kids that are at an exceeding reading level in their grade.  For that to happen, teachers need to take the time to observe kids, get to know a little about them, what they like to read, what they like to do, other hobbies, etc, just so when it comes to try and help pick a book out for a child, you will have a better idea.  I feel like there are some teachers out there that do not care to figure out where a child is in their reading, and that is why there are kids out there at older ages that are still reading at a highschool level because no teacher has ever taken the time to help them.

I also believe that to be a teacher and try to incorporate Social Studies into a lesson, it can be difficult if you let it.  I have realized over observing teachers these past semesters that not many teachers like to teach Social Studies.  They would rather skip over that because it is not on the end of grade test so they would rather not bother with it.  Well I feel like one of the best ways to incorporate Social Studies in upper grades is through their reading.  Social Studies can be read about in upper grades if the teachers take the time to find a book for kids to read.  Now what I did like about the article was that it said that not every kid is going to be at the same level, so teachers should try and find books that other kids can read that are struggling, and get those books related to Social Studies.  What I do believe should happen is that teachers should pay more attention to the way kids read and if teachers see a child struggling they should find that out immediately and then try and work with them on that.  Whether that be getting a book a grade level behind but dealing with the same subject, just so they can actually read it and not be at the frustration level.  I feel that when teachers give books that are too challenging to kids that are fake readers or struggling readers then it puts those kids in the frustration level and you will find out that most of them aren’t even reading those books.

When I was in Kindergarten in Block 1, I realized Social Studies was not really talked about.  I also realized that the teacher I worked with was very passionate about finding the kids reading levels and trying to work with them.  I found out that most all the kids in the class were at different reading levels but the teacher made accomodations for these kids because she wanted to make sure none of those kids were getting frustrated.  She did want a challenge for the kids that were very good at reading, but at the same time she didn’t want to bore them, or give them something that was too easy.  She also realized with lower readers that she found out if you get a book that is at their level and find a book that is interesting to them, they are more likely to read it then something the whole class is reading.  For the readers that struggle, you almost seem like you have to really put your time into them because you don’t want them falling short in reading at a young age.

My sister is 13 now, and is in 8th grade and probably reads at a 6th grade level.  It is sad to say but she is a struggling reader and has never been interested in reading.  I feel like a lot of that has to do with the way she has been taught.  I feel like her teachers didn’t do what they could to try and help her.  She will bring books home and will read a page and quit, because they are too hard for her.  I just feel like teachers really need to gain knowledge on their students so they will be more knowledgeable on what books to pick out for kids for Social Studies especially for kids that are struggling.

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